Bend Photo Tours

Bend Photo Tours is the premiere tour company in Central Oregon for local or visiting photographers. With a diverse offering of classes, it is becoming a destination for enthusiasts around the nation. I am honored to guide and lead workshops for the company.

Lofoten Tours

Lofoten Tours is the leading tour company in Arctic Norway for pure photography. Together, we run tours and workshops to Lofoten, Senja, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, & Italy. Take your photography skills to the next level together with us – not only will we guide you to hidden local treasures, but we will also provide in field tutoring and customized post processing tutorials.

My Story

In January of 2011, I sat at home in Dallas, Texas ready to return to Lawrence, Kansas to finish the last semester of my Senior year at the University of Kansas. In order to save money, I lived in a shared home with mostly occupied with underclassmen. With my graduation on the horizon, my social interests didn’t align with my rowdy roommates. Dreading another semester of late night parties, I decided to purchase a camera as a way to entertain myself away from home.

What started as an escape, slowly turned into a serious hobby. Immediately, I began watching videos to replicate the inspiring images I found online. Without any guidance, the first months of my photography journey yielded few keepers. Noticing the large population of landscape photographers in the Northwest, I set my sights on moving to the area to pursue photography while working in finance.

For three years, my work in finance served to fuel my obsession with photography. I purchased a Jeep to explore the Northwest and attended as many workshops as possible. My first serious mentors were the visionaries at Photo Cascadia. Their affordable workshops and knowledgable members encouraged and challenged me to become a better photographer.

In 2013, a chance meeting would eventually become the most impactful event in my photography development. While shooting in Northern Oregon, I recognized a long-haired photographer I had been admiring on Flickr earlier that day. I approached him and received instruction I valued enough to eventually hire him as a teacher. Now a friend, Ryan Dyar of Ryan Dyar Photography has undoubtedly been the largest influence in my photography pursuit. His generosity and guidance elevated me from workshop participant to workshop leader.

With an ever-growing devotion to photography, my career in finance became an obstacle to my true desires. In order to spend more time photographing, I sought a career with remote capabilities and landed on software development. From early 2014 to late 2015, I shelved my camera to write code and become a developer capable of working remotely.

I achieved my goal of working remotely near the end of 2015. Since then, I've been able to explore much of the Western United States while servicing freelance clients. As I continue to work as a coder and a photographer, I consider it a perfect mix where each activity increases the enjoyment of the other.

Past Workshops

Eastern Sierras

Highlights of the trip included a late snow shower in a forest of ponderosa pine trees, dramatic granite peaks, groves of Joshua Trees, and post-processing instruction by both guides. This trip was designed for eager drone enthusiasts looking to explore areas scouted by Ryan Dyar and Cody while emphasizing photography and creative processing.

Oregon Coast

On this six-day photo tour Kevin McNeal and I led a group of 9 photographers to some of the most picturesque seascapes in the Northwest. We began our tour in Bandon, Oregon where we were within walking distance of the iconic Bandon Beach State Park. Throughout the trip, we chased favorable light and photographed a variety of subjects along the southern Oregon coast. Our participants learned value instruction to help convey mood and the power of the ocean.

Redwoods and Seastacks

We thoroughly explored all that Northern California and Southern Oregon have to offer. We traveled over 100 miles of coastline and forest as we photographed some of our favorite compositions during peak rhododendron season.